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Diplomatik and Diplomedik is a local West Australian business that started in 2016 and has now expanded to Queensland and interstate. Our mission is to provide honest and effective recruitment services to valued client relationships.

Our approach is based on a simple principle of supporting our clients through the challenges brought about from the recruitment life cycle:

  • Finding candidates
  • Recruitment
  • Talent Pooling
  • Outsourced Recruitment (RPO)
  • Market Insights
  • Technology Solutions

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As experienced by the Diplomatik team early on, the available solutions to simplify and improve complex challenges were limited in Australia. Labour suppliers were doing the ‘same old, same old’ approach to labour-hire. Diplomatik sought to tackle modern recruitment challenges head-on. Not only do we improve cost-efficiency and sustainability, but we also seek and take on new processes and techniques being used around the globe.

Diplomatik is backed up by a team of people with the best international technology, local recruitment knowledge, and professionals with a wealth of knowledge in the healthcare industry to meet those challenges head-on. We assist people across multiple workforce transactions.

Our Team

We are comprised of healthcare professionals and a team passionate about what we do, with years of recruitment experience – both nationally and internationally. Now in more uncertain times, and with increasingly pressured workforce supply chains, Diplomatik’s no-nonsense and honest approach to clients and candidates, challenging the status quo, and introducing cutting edge technology is the solution that keeps providing.

Browse jobs below or talk with us so we can find you something perfect

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The Diplomatik team all share a mission that recruitment should be done efficiently & safely, with a strong customer focus, and utilising modern practices and technology, all while retaining the values that we uphold in our day to day work.


We take responsibility for what we do – We own it and we learn from it


We are real, down to earth with No Games and No Nonsense


We are a team working and achieving together, respecting each other and supporting our wider environment


We set the standard for our industry and we create integrity through honesty & professionalism


Knock us down and we get straight back up!


We will be optimistic and see opportunity everywhere

Job seekers love what we do

We place over 100 candidates every week into roles that meet their financial, cultural and professional goals


We partner with organisations who share our commitment to to workplace safety and health.

  • Fast response to safety incidents
  • Full safety audit of all roles
  • Priority safety policy
  • Full safety audit of all roles
Read more about our commitment to safety

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