Efficiency, Savings & Results

Efficiencies + Results = Savings, it’s a pretty easy equation to justify as true, but extremely hard to fulfil on a consistent basis in the world of workforce and talent acquisition. Diplomatik’s constant recruitment to the industry, populating its available talent pool as well as maintaining a historical database of good applicants, helps us stay consistent and drive the cheapest attraction processes in a market that is very quickly becoming expensive.

  • Expensive to employers if you cant attract the right talent
  • Expensive to employers if it takes too long to find talent
  • Expensive to employers if you cant retain that talent and slow and inefficient using cumbersome old recruitment methods

Diplomatik’s outsourced labour providing uses cutting edge adaption to the changing market, cutting edge technology and provides its strong focus on people to people communication and job understanding, to help deliver a product for the new emerging market that helps clients find and retain the right talent in the fastest possible process.


We give our clients the ability to find the right staff quickly. The use of market-leading and modern recruitment practices allows our clients to access skilled potential employees with proven and successful outcomes in a challenging skills market.


  We are comprised of people who understand the contractor workforce situation from your side.


  We use market leading, cutting edge technology to produce fast, reliable results with security and integrity.

Managed Services

  We combine our people with the very best technologies to deliver new ways of managing complex contractor workforce systems.

Our advantages make us stand out

Candidate Focus

Our focus is on the candidate and we have pivoted our services to provide an extremely employee focused service that looks to attract, listen to, and cater to, employees wants and needs.

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Commitment to a Hands Up

We have always underpinned our values towards offering a hands up to those in need. Whether that be in involvement in Indigenous Australians programs, charity work to women's shelters, an enduring commitment to Mens Health, or sponsoring children in various situations of need.

Efficiency, Savings & Results

We harness technology in innovative ways across all areas of the Diplomatik group to streamline recruitment, payroll and contractor workflow systems. On top of maintaining a database of good applicants, this has allowed us to drive the most efficient attraction process in the market.

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game


Specialist recruitment company providing honest and effective recruitment services to valued client relationships

Unique recruitment approach

A candidate focus enables us to source the best talent through organic word of mouth and reputation. Guaranteeing you the best applicants.

Supporting clients through all challenges

Our team is comprised of people with the best local recruitment knowledge, and international technology to meet those challenges head-on.

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