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At Diplomatik, we believe that community plays a crucial role in our success as a company. It’s more than just a value, it’s a driving force behind everything we do. In her blog, Diplomatik’s General Manager of Client Services, Donna Hampshire, shares why a sense of community is important to us, why it’s key to our work, and how it helps us achieve success for our clients.

What does community mean to you?
When the word ‘Community’ was proposed as a value, we broke down what this meant for us and the overwhelming feeling was that we are ‘part’ of our clients and candidates lives.  Whether you provide us with job orders to fill or you come to us to find employment, we feel we have a sense of belonging that we provide support and solutions for our community.  Personally, Community is one of the values I am most passionate about.  I want to provide people with the support to find the right employment for them, and to ensure that we provide the best options to our employers needing personnel.

Why is community is key to your work at Diplomatik?
We build relationships for the long term and create a sense of connection with those that we interact with.  We also have a duty to give back to our community – whether this be in active charity work or supporting each other internally.  It also means that there is a high level of trust between our team meaning we can have difficult conversations but our team know and sense their value.  We also know that there are people within our community who do things tough and so when and where we can, we look to give back to help those take an easier step towards their goals.

Tell us about a time when the team worked well together to achieve success for a client?
One of our larger clients, required a massive uplift in labour-hire numbers immediately and had attempted to use other agencies, however they didn’t receive the response that they needed.  After speaking with us, we pulled the whole team together and ran through the scope of works needed.  Each member found roles that aligned to their skills within recruitment and committed to working on meeting this client demand within the timeframe needed.  Knowing they were against the clock, one area that they agreed on was that the quality of process would not be sacrificed and they supported each other when they were hitting challenges.  Through pulling the community together, we not only met the expectation, but the client has now chosen Diplomatik to be their first contact for recruitment needs in this area.

In conclusion, community is at the heart of everything we do. It drives us to build long-lasting relationships with both clients and candidates, while also fostering an internal environment of support and trust. We believe in providing support and solutions for our community, and continuously strive to make a positive impact on the lives of those we interact with.